We offer a wide range of organic and inorganic fertilizers to ensure the enhancement of crops. With proper fertilizer application it gives increase yield, improves produce quality, improves produce shelf-life and add nutrients to the plants that the soil does not supply.

These fertilizers are suitable for the cultivation of crops like vegetables, pepper, onions and other cash crops. Our foliar & granular fertilizers brands includes but not limited to Haifa brands, Eurosolid brands, Vaniperen brands, Yara brands, AgriTecno products, Dangote products, Indorama proudcts and Jubaila products

Fertilizers Chemical Composition Pack Size
Polyfeed 20:20:20 or 19:19:19 25kg/1kg
Calcium Nitrate 15.5 -0 +26.3 (CaO) 25kg
Potassium Nitrate 13-0- 46 25kg/1kg
Potassium Sulphate(SOP) 51% K2O, 45% S03 25kg/1kg
Magnesium Sulphate (Epson Salt) 16.5%Mg0, 32.5%S03 25kg/1kg
Mono - Ammonium Phoshate (MAP) 12%N, 61%P205 25kg
Mono-Potassium Phosphate (MKP) 0-52-34 25kg
Urea 46%N 50kg
NPK 15:15:15 50kg
Chelate Mix (macro nutrient) 1.3%B, 0.3%Cu, 7.5%Fe, 3.2%Mn, 0.2%M0, 1.3%Zn 10kg

Other organic Liquid fertilizers includes but not limited to the following;

One of the advantages of liquid fertilizers is that they provide a great amount of flexibility: it is possible to adjust directly by cultivation and react quickly to the development of deficiency symptoms.

Results of liquid fertilizers are visible with in days. Furthermore the liquid fertilizers are very easy to distribute and grant broad coverage.

D1 Grow green     1L

D1 Grow red          1L

Tecamin Flower   1L

Tecamin Brix        1L

Tecnokel Amino Cab  1L

Agriful   1L

Yara Vita Croplift Bio   1L

Tecamin MAX   1L

Boost xtra    1L